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"A Hopeless Case Becomes a Gospel Herald"
 Mark 5:1-20     Rev. Jeffrey Talley
02/16/14 Bulletin  "New Millenialism"     Revelation 20:1-6
 02/23/14 Bulletin  "Priests of God and of Christ"    Revelation 20:4-6
 03/02/14 Bulletin  "Treasured By The Father"    Malachi 3:16 -- 4:3
  Rev. Shawn T. Doud
 03/09/14 Bulletin  "The Last Battle"   Revelation 20:7-10
 03/16/14 Bulletin  "Jesus and the One Percent"    George Rambow
  Luke 19:1-10
 03/23/14 Bulletin  "Judgment and the Great White Throne"  
  Revelation 20:11-15
 03/30/13 Bulletin  "All Things New"
  Revelation 21:1-8
 04/06/14 Bulletin  "A House Restored"  Rev. Michael Chen
  Haggai 2:10-19
 04/13/14 Bulletin  "The King of Kings"  
  Mark 11:1-11
 04/17/14 Maundy Thursday
 04/20/14 Bulletin