Baby Bottle Campaign

 Change for a


   makes a

 change in a


Our church family is participating with other area churches in sharing the message of hope and life through Christ’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness by filling a few little baby bottles with spare change.  ChoiceOne has provided the bottles for us.  Please pick up a bottle (or two or three) and fill the bottle(s) with spare change. Once full return the bottle(s) to the church. The money raised is then forwarded to ChoiceOne.

It’s that easy!!!

Share the love of God with a teen mom in need. 

YOUR support offers

hope, healing, and Life…Eternal Life!

 The impact of one changed life . . . IMMEASUREABLE! 

Teen moms need ChoiceOne & ChoiceOne needs YOU!

Fill a bottle today and your spare change will be turned into

Hope, Courage, Life and Salvation!


Please return filled bottles by May 28.