HKC Job Descriptions

Thanks for considering serving on our team as we lead kids to Hope in Christ!!  

You can submit your desired roles in the form at the bottom and we will respond ASAP.  

If you are volunteering, Hope will pay for your background check and train you during the Sunday School hour (9:45 am) on June 19-July 17th! 

Please participate in training for the unity of our team and the success of our mission (with God's blessing!).


We are so grateful that so many of you were able to step forward to help out. There are just a few more spots that we'd love to have help for. Please consider these and pray if you are unable to help fill these positions:


Monday-Friday:  Help needed each day with the following:

  • Someone to pick up water and ice each day
  • Set up @ 5 pm each day 
  • Food prep (during day @ church)
    • (2-3 adults) (4:00-5:15 at church M-F, when catered food please arrange for pickup and delivery to LCC) -

    • prepare food and beverages

    • Coordinate with Food Servers

  • Registration (6 pm)

  • Food serving & clean up (@ 6 pm)
    • (2 adults and 2 youth) (5:00 at Church, drive food to LCC at 5:15, set up service 5:30-5:45 pm, clean-up at 6) 

    • Pick up food from Hope, serve & clean up
  • Guides & Jr. Guides (6 - 8:30p)
    • Help students to pay attention during story times
    • Help boost the student’s enthusiasm and inclusion during activities
    • supervise (from the hall) bathroom breaks
    • lead camper group to next activity and assist in the room (craft, teaching, etc.)
  • A Craft Leader (1 adult, 2 youth)
    • energetically and relationally lead kids in the craft of the day
    • each craft reinforces the teaching for the day so feel free to ask kids questions about the lesson
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