Adult Christian Education

During the Sunday School 'year', which runs September through May, we offer two or more in-depth classes on a variety of topics.  At times, the Senior High students are invited to join the Adult class for a richer, deeper learning experience.

Sunday School for all ages runs September 16 through May 19 at 9:00am.

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Money and the Bible: What does the bible say about money?

The Bible says “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.” Yet we deal with money daily. A lack of money can lead to stress and envy. An abundance can lead to comfort and joys, but also arrogance and greed. The Bible offers many verses about the handling of money, but few that seem to apply
directly to modern money management.

How should we plan household budgets? Save for children’s college or retirement? How are we to think about giving and tithing? What about investing? Debt?  Taxes?

In this class, we will look at biblical principles on money, and offer practical advice on a range of subjects. Through it all, we will seek a spirit of contentment as we look to God for guidance.  (Runs 9/16 thru 11/18 — not meeting 10/7)

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Membership / Newcomer's Class

This class runs for four weeks and is designed for those interested in becoming a member or simply learning more about Hope Presbyterian Church.  Coming to this class does NOT commit you to joining Hope. 

(Runs 9/16, 9/23, 10/14, & 10/21)



foundations of biblical interpretation

This Adult Education class was led by Pastor David and was for anyone who want to learn more about how to interpret Scripture, for personal study, for one-to-one discipleship, and for leading a small group.  The class examined presuppositions for interpretation, the history of interpretation in the early church, modern methods, interpretation in practice, the impact of genre on our understanding, the Bible’s interpretation of itself, and application.

(Runs 10/28 thru December)