The Bergen Street Film Series happens one Friday or Saturday out of every month, from September through May, with English language films, and in the summer months with movies of foreign origin. Join us and bring a friend!



The next screening in the Bergen Street Film Series on film noir is Charles Vidor’s iconic Gilda (1946), on Friday, January 19th at 7:00pm.

Starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford, and with World War II as a backdrop, the film is a study of idolatry, the corrosiveness of infidelity, and men’s and women’s roles in the post war era. And it’s a lot of fun, too! One of those movies where the name brings it all back… Let’s watch and find out why.

We gather at 7:00 pm (contact church office for location)—refreshments, and your friends, are always welcome.



The standard response to film in Christian communities has been to filter out those things in films we do not like, and be happy with (or permit ourselves to enjoy) those things in a movie that "feel" Christian. But like Jesus with the woman at the well, the Bergen Street Film Series tries to fully enter the world of the film (and the worldview of the filmmakers) to understand the assumptions made by the characters and the story. We will seek to find points of contact with these worldviews and rather than filter out and retreat, we will discuss, engage and respond to these views on a deeper level.

Films are not just "things" to be analyzed and picked apart, but are works of art that must be taken in. Just as a couplet of poetry might lose its power when analyzed by diagramming it as a sentence, a film must first be experienced in its wholeness before the critique begins.

We understand that not all Christians enjoy, appreciate, or go to films. We do not encourage them to violate their conscience. Indeed there may occasionally be films in our series that contain material considered inappropriate by some. It is not our goal to screen these films because of this content or to titillate. Rather, these movies have been chosen for the popularity of the worldviews they present, or the impact they have on the culture that many of us as Christians must ultimately engage. The leaders do their best to notify participants in advance of such content. We believe that by screening these films in community, we will be better equipped to critique and respond to the world, more adequately present a Christian response, and open up communication with unbelievers about deeply significant issues.

Follow Pastor David's thoughts on Christ as He relates to our experience, critique and appreciation of the cinematic arts.