2015-2016 DISCIPLESHIP EMPHASIS The Ephesians Project: Rooted and Grounded

What if I got so excited about what God has done for us in Christ that I forgot to breathe or use punctuation?  That's how Ephesians starts as Paul tells his friends that God's love for them started not only before they were born, but before the world began.

Someone has described the job description of our churches and Christian families as providing "roots and wings."  For the next 6 months I want to give our youth "roots and wings." I want them to be rooted and grounded in God's love, grasping the beauty of grace, gaining the sanity of a Biblical view of gender, sexuality and marriage, and arming themselves for Spiritual battle. This is all there in Ephesians.  

What about "wings"?  Through The Ephesians Project they will be gaining skills that will last the rest of their lives:

  • basic Bible study methods
  • a theological/applicational grid I like to call "4 wheel drive theology" that allows us to navigate new challenges with old truths using biblical theology, systematic theology, practical theology and historical theology.  It sounds nerdy and scary but it will be fun!
  • creative presentation of biblical truth - In the Fall, as we wrap up our teaching on Ephesians, I will be inviting visual and musical artists to join our youth in writing songs, and producing artworks and video presentations to be given as a "Christmas present" to the Hope Church family and the world at large.  The Gospel invites us to believe (faith), to belong (covenant community), to behave (repentant transformation), as well as to become - to flourish in our giftedness and expression as people made in the image of God and remade into the image of Christ.  We have a hugely talented bunch in our youth group and I'm excited to have them bless the world with the truth that they have grasped!

Winter/Spring Schedule

2nd and 4th Tuesdays 7-8:30pm in the Youth Room