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Children at Hope Presbyterian Church have a rightful place in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. We believe their worship glorifies God as much as their mom's and dad's. We also believe it is of great benefit to our children to worship God in song, Word, confession and sacrament on a regular basis.  At the same time, we understand all children and ages are different, and there may be certain seasons, Sundays, or minutes when it is best for a child not to be in the sanctuary. To support our families we offer the following:

  • Family Room:  The church service is broadcast on a large screen TV in our church library. Families are welcome to attend all or part of the service there together.

  • Nursery:  A staffed nursery is available for infants through age 2 during the entire service.  You are welcome to leave your child with us at any point during the service.  We have a pager system available to contact you as needed.  There is also a screened area in the nursery that nursing moms may take advantage of.