We Remember His Faithfulness

Hope Presbyterian Church is blessed with a long history of God's faithfulness. Our history is really simply a page in His Story of grace and faithfulness towards His covenant people throughout the generations. While times change and we are inevitably changed by it, we are changed too by his grace and mercy. What never changes is His character. His love. His faithfulness. His mercy to us. It's new every morning.

While it would take hundreds of pages to tell the whole story of Hope and all her people throughout the years, we share here a glimpse of the roots out of which our body has grown in the soil of God's faithfulness.


  • June 10, 1939 - The first service of The Church of the Open Door was held at the rented house of Rev. Samuel Arendt on Pennington Ave.
  • 1944 - The church purchased a house on Arlington Ave. and 13 lots across the street on which to erect a new building for worship.
  • July, 1946 - The church voted to affiliate with the Bible Presbyterian movement, a movement led primarily by Reverend Carl McIntire, and changed its name to The Bible Presbyterian Church of Trenton.
  • April, 1947 - Reverend Dr. Elmer Smick was called as pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Trenton.
  • February 17, 1947 - The Ladies Missionary Society was organized by Mrs. Freda Becker. Mrs. Becker named the society En-Hakorre, meaning "the spring of him who called.” 
  • 1956 - Reverend John W. Buswell was called as pastor of Bible Presbyterian Church of Trenton. 
  • February 14, 1960Ground breaking of the new sanctuary took place. Many of the members of the Bible Presbyterian Church were skilled laborers who personally did much of the construction on the new sanctuary. 
  • May 5, 1963 - The congregation voted to change its name to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Trenton.
  • September, 1963 - The Reverend Ross B. Lyons was called as pastor of Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Trenton.
  • 1965 (and 1968) - The Reverend Cecil Brown twice served as interim pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Trenton during times of transition.
  • 1966 - The Reverend Ellis Johnson was called as pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Trenton.
  • September 26, 1969 - The Reverend Lynden Stewart was called as pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Trenton. 
  • 1971 - The church decided to sell its property at 35 Arlington Avenue and find another location. 
  • April, 1974 - The last of the building bonds were retired and the church was free of debt. A special Thanksgiving service was held on May 26, 1974. 
  • September, 1975 - The Reverend Calvin Frett was called as pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Trenton. 
  • April 8, 1979 - A ground breaking ceremony was held for the first phase of the building program at 140 Denow Rd. in Lawrenceville.
  • January 20, 1980 - The Reverend James H. Midberry was called as pastor to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville.
  • October 20, 1989 - The congregation celebrated 50 years since the beginning of the church. 
  • Mid-2000's - Without a sitting pastor, the church entered missionary status, meaning it was meeting for worship but did not have its own session.
  • 2005-2006 - The Reverend Jim Cunningham served as interim pastor while the church looked for a new senior pastor. 
  • October, 2006The Reverend David Rowe was called to be pastor of Hope Church. At that time the church had 70 members. The church was still in missionary status and would remain so for two years.
  • June, 2008 - The church was taken out of missionary status and once again became a particular church. The Reverend David Rowe was officially installed as pastor and three elected elders were installed. At this time, the church name was changed to Hope Presbyterian Church to more clearly identify it as a congregation of the PCA.
  • September, 2009 - Two Assistant Pastors were called, The Reverends Blake Altman and Matt Harmon.
  • January 23, 2009 - a new steeple was installed on the church building. 
  • April 1, 2014 - The Reverend Shawn Doud was called as Associate Pastor of Family and Youth Discipleship.