Planning Center Help Sheet


Planning Center Video for Volunteers (less than 4 minutes):

How Do I Get To Planning Center?

Go to: and sign in.  (If you don't have a password yet, please let your ministry leader know.)

How Do I See the Sign Up Sheet (once signed in)?

Select the GREEN “Sign Up Now” button (under My Schedule.  If you don’t see this button be sure the “Plans” button on the top green bar is selected.  

How Do I Sign Up For A Spot once I am on the Sign Up Sheet?

If there is an open spot there will be a GREEN BOX saying Sign Up Now.  Select that, and select Accept at the bottom.  You are now signed up!  

How Do I Return To the Main Page?

On the top left green bar, select the white back arrow (to the left of the word Services)

How Do I See Everything I Have Signed Up For?

When on the main page after signing in (You should be in Plans - if you are not just select Plans which is to the right of the word Services and left of the word Song at the top of the page), select the words “My Schedule” and you will see all the dates you are signed up for.

How Do I Update My Email, Get Text Messages, Etc?

When on the main page (after signing in), click your name on the top right and then select Profile.  Remember to select Save Person if you make any changes.  

How Do I Select Block Out Dates?

On either page look for the Blockout Dates button over to the left and click.  Select dates and remember to save changes.  

Do I Need To Confirm Any Dates You Assign Me To?  

Yes!!  This will let us know you can definitely serve and will allow the staff at Hope to see how many people are serving on a Sunday.


Please be sure you have a password and have updated your Profile so that we have your correct email!  Thank you!!


Ask your ministry leader!  This sheet can then be updated with your questions and with answers.