Hope Youth

What can the Church offer to kids who have everything? What is the only thing that we can provide that they can find nowhere else?

An identity and a community built on the perfection of a gracious Savior and a Father who is pleased with them because of what Jesus has done.

So we will:

  • connect them to the wider of Body of Christ in intergenerational relationships, mentoring and ministry

  • form them as faithful followers of Jesus Christ through Gospel teaching and honest, gracious community

  • activate them as Kingdom servants in ways that will continue for the rest of their lives

Some of the things we do together:

  • Twice a month Sunday Night Youth Group

  • Service projects

  • Intergenerational ministry

  • Game Nights

  • Outings like ice skating, Trenton Thunder & corn maze

  • Sunday School

  • Worldview and Cultural Engagement Series/Building a College Ready Faith

  • Retreats